For the past two years, we have caused Sereno and his family

much pain

#JusticeforSereno #RejectFascistPolitics

:face_with_symbols_over_mouth: #JusticeForSereno
Indonesia has experienced a two-year saga of injustice in which Sereno and his family were wrongfully charged and obtained no justice. The prosecutors filed charges, conducted lengthy investigations and even jailed Sereno. Sadly, all of this was done in complete disregard of Indonesia’s justice system and fair trial rights provided by law. :exploding_head: #JudiciaryReformNow #RuleofLaw

The drawn out proceedings and lack of due process have been criticized by human rights groups and activists. Sereno and his family have been forced through a grueling process, that has resulted in no resolution or justice. We must demand that the Indonesian government provide a fair trial and proper justice for Sereno and his family. :star_struck: #Justice4Sereno

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